“Unbelievable service. Timely and efficient and they communicate very well. I have been in Real Estate for years and recently found them, and was impressed with their level of service. Will refer continue to use. You will not be disappointed.” —Mark M.

“We had SoClean Pool Service acid wash our pool. We could not be happier. Jim and his team were professional and thorough. Highly recommend!!!” —Tom V.

“Our experience was wonderful, completely went above and beyond expectations. My pool looks amazing again. Thank you Jim.” —Crystal V.

“I was getting quotes to paint my pool because the stains were so bad, but after the acid wash and chlorine rinse that Jim performed, the pool looked fantastic and my wife and I decided that we did not need to get it painted. I know he worked hard to get all the stains and black algae out, but I really didn’t expect it all to be gone. Truly amazing, and after seeing this result I would not have anyone else perform this other than him. A bargain to say the least!” —Edward E.

“Jim and the whole team at So Clean has done a great job with my pool. Jim has service my pool back to working condition, he explained every step and price that was involved. SoClean also service my pool weekly and always do a great job. Very friendly and professional.” —Danielle L.

Jim did a 5 star job on getting my pool back from green to beautiful blue. The Acid wash service has made my pool look brand new again. And his weekly service takes care of everything. Chemistry, vacuuming, and pump and filter monitoring.” —Richard B.

“I have used multiple pool services and most of them start off great and over time get worse and worse. I have been using SoClean for slightly more than a year and I have consistently had great service. Jim has gone out of his way to be helpful. They are always responsive and respectful. My pool is reliably clean, and when I have a question they always take the time to answer. I am very pleased with the service I receive.” —Andrew C.

“My pool was a mess this year since my puppies at the cover I didn’t have one for the winter. I spent a couple hundred dollars on chemicals to fix the algae problem with no results. My wife found SoClean on yelp and I gave them a call which was answered on the first try. Jim was courteous and polite, he said he may be out that day but most likely it would be the next day since he had a full schedule already. Well he called back a couple of hours later and said he had some time, so told him that would be great. When he arrived he looked at the pool and tested the water, then he gave me 3 options with prices. I chose the one that fit my needs and he got started right then on draining the pool. The next day his crew finished and we have a sparkling clean and well balanced pool due to the detailed information Jim gave me for a good startup. I will be using SoClean for all of my pool needs from now on.” —Roger H.

“I just closed on a house that’s about 14 years old with a pool, and I had no idea how to operate the pool equipment. I called 4 different pool companies to set up an appointment to check out the system for any needed repairs and information, SoClean is the only one that responded! I’m glad it worked out that way – Jim came out to my house the same day and thoroughly covered the ins and outs with me, he even gave me a quiz to make sure I got everything! He easily identified and fixed a non-functioning pump and provided me with all the information I need to maintain the pool and spa. I think he went above and beyond to make sure I was happy so I’ll be using them for my pool needs from now on.” —Anthony C.